How to prepare for a track day – checklist

stefan   June 23, 2015   No Comments

As always when you go on holiday or another activity, it’s easy to forget something when you aren’t well prepared. Especially when it’s the first time…

Here is a short but important checklist that can come handy when preparing for a track day:


  • Regular maintenance: oil & filters, brakes, visual inspection for leaks and tire wear. Also check your chain. You don’t want to be racing a broken bike or be responsible for oil leaks on track! This should be done at least 3 days before the event, in case you need new parts.
  • Exhaust: some tracks don’t allow loud exhausts, this is always communicated when signing up for the event. Do not forget to change this if there is a restriction. It is always a good idea to bring your dB-killer and stock exhaust if you are unsure.
  • Tools: A basic tool box with screwdrivers, a ratchet, a hammer (very handy to remove twisted or broken parts),  crescent wrench or multiple wrenches, pliers, bolts etc… Also products like brake cleaner, penetrating oil and brake fluid are important and you’ll need some empty plastic containers for the reception of used fluids. Gloves and cleaning paper are recommended. And… last but not least: duct tape (to repair broken fairings, fasten loose parts etc…)
  • Paddock stand: can be used both for transportation as well as maintenance on the bike, f.e. if you need to hold your bike straight or remove a wheel.
  • Spare parts for quick fixes: foot pegs, crash bungs, …
  • Gas tank, filled with fuel (in case there is no fuel dispenser at the track)


  • Protective suit (or multiple if you have them), and knee pads
  • Protective gloves, also multiple pairs if possible, you never know if someone else forgets it…
  • Decent helmet (and other visor for sunny weather)
  • Boots

Other items:

  • ID and insurance card
  • Money
  • Phone
  • Action camera (very handy to analyze footage in case you mess up)
  • Music in your car for long distances
  • Food and bottles of water
  • A pair of trousers, shoes and a t-shirt
  • Flip flops tot let your feet get some air while you are not racing.

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